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Escapades The Rebellion is all about resilience shown by our bikers towards hitting the roads, kissing the mountains & embracing whatever comes in between!

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“A traveler is more about empathy and less about apathy.”

A bike trip to Ladakh is just another addition in the bucket list for a tourist but for a true rider, it’s a dream in itself. A dream that transcends all limits and inhibitions. The place in itself has the power to calm you in a moment and leave you gasping the very next. Be it the picturesque landscape or the jaw-dropping gorges, Ladakh never fails to amaze you. Every visit makes way for a brand new experience.

We take you to Khardung La but we also help you conquer Tanglang La. We take you to Pangong Tso but through the most uncommon routes of them all. We take you to streams and rivers and don’t leave till the last person crosses. We take you far from the hustle of the concrete jungle and bring you closer to a place still unexplored by many. You will see beforehand how you forge friendships with people from different walks of life in the most unforeseen circumstances and see your love for exploring the unknown increase exponentially.

Imagine you get to glide with the cold winds and navigate the turbulent rivers all in a single visit. You can turn your imagination into reality by booking your dream expedition with us.

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Visa Requirements

Not Needed for EU Citizens.



Languages spoken


Currency Used


Area (km2)

750.63 km2


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